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A Day at the Maui Swap Meet

James Iniba

The Maui Exposition, Flea Market, or as we call it, the Maui Swap Meet has been around for over 37 years. Our team at Mr. Pineapple opened a booth just over a year ago and wanted to share our experience with you. There are over 200 vendors at this location with some of the best items Maui can offer at a great price.  You can find unique items to eat such as a sumo dog, shaved ice, banana macadamia nut bread and much more.  Many Hawaiian-made items can be found here with love sweat and tears that have been poured...

😃 Meet Our Amazing Team! 😃

James Iniba

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"You may have seen our manager, Jenny, at our Dairy Road store or you may have ran into our owner, Kelly, at the Maui Swap meet or maybe you even got the privilege of running into our joyful Amanda at your hotel! Get to know our team a little more!" James Iniba Where were you born? I was born and raised in Kahului, Maui. I have also lived in Wailuku for a few years. What do you like to do on your free time? Hobbies? On my free time you will either find me serving Jesus in children’s ministry at Kingʻs...

Mr. Pineapple shares 3 things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

James Iniba

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The Mr. Pineapple team wanted to express our thankfulness as Thanksgiving is upon us. We have all gone to grade school and most of us still remember the times where our teachers would make us make a list or write a paper of what we were thankful for. Most of us as kids included these things in our list: my friends, my mom and dad, brother and sister, family, food, a roof over our head, my toys, our country and so on. To express our thankfulness we took some general things we probably wrote on our Thanksgiving paper in elementary...

Beyond Hawaii

5 Maui to Mainland Contrasts Island Fever is a real thing, we do get tired of the sun and wish to get off the island sometimes. Yeah, it may sound strange, but Maui locals can sometimes get tired of being on the island. Of course the island will always be our home, and our love for it will never change. How can we lose appreciation for our island?  Many of us have deep roots to the island. Many of our families are here thanks to the sugar cane plantation and are here thanks to the Native Hawaiians who discovered these beautiful...

A Hawaiian Halloween

Events: Looking for some safe, family-friendly places on Maui to be at on Halloween weekend? Here are a few events that we recommend for you: Let's Trick or Treat Together, Hotter than Hell, Super Adventure Land, and Trunk or Treat!   Costumes: If you are still scrambling for a Halloween costume look no further than these simple Do-it-Yourself costumes on how to dress up as a pineapple or Mr. Pineapple if you will! Candies in our store: How can you have halloween without any candy?! If you are looking to spice up your halloween with some Hawaiian flavor, check out the...