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10 Maui Musts!

10 things you MUST do on your next Maui Vacation

  1. Road to Hana

A pretty obvious one. If you are on Maui, be sure to take a drive on this windy but beautiful road. It offers you a wide array of views from waterfalls, caves, black sand beaches, and an unending luscious green scenery. If you are brave and more so patient enough, go all the way around to catch the backside of Hana. The Road to Hana will definitely spoil you and your camera on your next visit there. Did you know: The Road to Hana was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001 after Former President Bill Clinton named it the Hana Millennium Legacy Trail in 2000. Tips: It takes approximately 3 hours to drive to Hana Town; drive over 60 bridges and encounter around 600 turns and curves. The last gas stations that you will see until Hana Town are the Paia gas stations so be sure to fill up your tank there. MOTION SICKNESS!! If you are easily prone to motion sickness be sure to take some medicine to combat it.

For more information visit the Road to Hana.

  1. Haleakala Sunrise to a West Side Sunset

If you're a sunset and sunrise addict then this is a Maui Must for you! Haleakala literally means “House of the Sun.” You do have to wake up pretty early to catch the sunrise atop the Haleakala National Park, but it is definitely worth it. Haleakala sits above the Hana Highway. Yes, it is very surprising! The mountain that you see from the top of Haleakala is the same mountain that you see on Hana Highway!  To complete your day, drive over to the west side of Maui to catch, arguably, some of the best sunsets around. Be sure to relax as you watch the sunset. Did you know: There are many different things to do after the sunrise.You can take a hike down the crater or you drive just a little more and experience Kipahulu, which is plaqued by lush rainforests and freshwater pools. You also have the option of biking down Haleakala with one of the many biking tours such as Haleakala Bike Company. Tips: When you watch the sunrise be sure to dress warm and bring sunscreen if you plan to hike afterwards.

For more information visit the National Park Service Website

  1. Go to a Luau

How can your next Maui vacation be complete without a Luau? Enjoy great food which include haupia, kalua pork, and lomi salmon. Luaus also include a night of entertainment through Polynesian dances and song. Maui offers a large array of many great Luaus. Did you know: The largest luau ever recorded was hosted by Kamehameha III in 1847. It included 271 hogs, 482 large calabashes of poi, nearly 4000 fish, 2245 coconuts, and much more. Tips: Come with an empty stomach and be ready to dance hula! Suggestions: Te Au Moana at the Wailea Marriott and The Old Lahaina Luau

For more information visit Hawaii Luaus

  1. Food and Food Trucks!

Hawaii is known to be the melting pot of America, and because of it there are many different flavors throughout our island. We insist you check out some of the locally owned food trucks and restaurants across the island. You will not be disappointed and they have much to offer. Did you know: Hawaii has many different ethnicities that have migrated to the islands for jobs; they include various Polynesians, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese. Each of these groups of people have contributed to the unique flavor that Hawaii offers today. Tips: Donʻt be afraid to try something new!  Suggestions: Sumo Dogs Maui and Waikapu on 30.

For more information visit Pride of Maui

  1. Snorkeling

Who doesn’t want to go snorkeling? Maui is home to many amazing views (including underwater) and welcomes you here (just don’t touch the marine life).  Grab your waterproof camera and get some honu shots! Did you know: We arenʻt the only ones who love swimming in the Hawaiian waters, during the winter season nearly half of the surviving humpback whales come to relax in our waters. Tips: Donʻt exert too much energy while snorkeling, just float. Only kick and peddle when necessary. Suggestions:: Honolua Bay, Molokini, and Turtle Town.

For more information visit Hawaii Snorkeling Guide

  1. Cliff Jumping

Gainers, suicides, canon balls! Just a few of the tricks the locals like to do while cliff jumping. Yes, it is a bit intimidating at first, but once you go you may never want to stop jumping. It gives you a sense of freedom and a rush of adrenaline. This Maui Must is only for daring people. Did you know: Chief Kahekili popularized cliff jumping and gained respect from his warriors by being one of the first to jump off of Puu Kekaa or present day Black Rock. Tips: Be sure there is no one and nothing below you before jumping. Suggestions: Kapalua Cliff House, Twin Falls, and Black Rock Ka’anapali.

For more information visit Hawaii Magazine

  1. Farmers Market and Swap Meet

There are countless fruit stands and farmer's markets around the island. They offer you a wide array of fresh fruit which include star fruit, mangoes, papayas, and yes, Maui Gold pineapples. Another popular spot to shop on the island is at the Maui Swap Meet which happens every Saturday from 7am-1pm. Look for us to get a cold cut pineapple. Did you know: Many of the fruit stands that claim to have fresh fruit could mean that they just picked the fruit an hour ago. Tips: Enjoy the fruits

For more information visit Go Hawaii

  1. Hiking

If you love hiking and nature then Maui is the perfect place for your hiking getaway. Maui is full of character and provides you with many different elements of hiking. You can hike on lava rock, through a volcano crater, through a bamboo forest, in a tropical rainforest, and much more. Maui hikes will never let you down. Did you know: Iao Valley was where the Battle of Kepaniwai was held in which King Kamehamehaʻs forces defeated King Kahekiliʻs forces. Tips: Do not forget water, lunch, and sunscreen. Suggestions: Waihee Ridge Trail, Halemauu Trail, and Pipiwai Trail.

For more information visit Go Hawaii

  1. Surf Lessons

It's a given that if you take a vacation to Hawaii your coworkers and friends back home will ask you if you went surfing or took surfing lessons. So why not do it? There are many great instructors on the island who will gladly help you feel comfortable riding the waves of Hawaii. Did you know: By 1779, surfing was an integral part of the Hawaiian culture. Surfing to Hawaii was the Baseball to the United States. Tips: If in doubt, donʻt go out. Suggestions: Maui Beach Boys and Maui Wave Riders

For more information visit Surfing For Life

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