Spring Fever - Maui Sweet Onions now available – Mr. Pineapple

Spring Fever - Maui Sweet Onions now available

Maui Sweet Onions are here

Spring has arrived and the Maui Sweet Onions are now available to purchase at Mr. Pineapple.  Hawaii has seasons just like the mainland does when it comes to fruits, vegetables and flowers.  As the rainy weather begins to dissipate and the warm weather comes across the Hawaiian Islands, the fruit begin to thrive during the summer months. 

White Pineapple coming this summer

Be on the lookout in the upcoming newsletters for our White Pineapple, organic pineapples and specialty leis available for weddings, graduations and more.  All of these items are special order items which means they go fast and must be pre-ordered.  Be sure to share this newsletter with family and friends so they catch this summer's specials.

5 Star Reviews

Thank you to everyone that has recently left reviews of our products in recent weeks.  Mr. Pineapple now provides our customers the ability to leave a review for a product.  We welcome 5 star reviews but more importantly we welcome honest feedback that helps us improve our products and procedures.  Our team reads every review and takes pride in making things right with customers, creating a better shopping experience and the best vacation for our guests.



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