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Hawaii Offers Optimal Coffee Growing Conditions

Tracing human consumption back to the 9th century, coffee has been a staple for generations. It is a great morning energy booster, per the millions of habitual coffee drinkers around the globe. Hawaiian coffee, in particular, is some of the best produce in the world.

A flourishing coffee plant depends on the combination of 6 different conditions for ideal growth. Among these is soil richness, something paramount to Hawaiian growth conditions due to heavy sediment from volcano lava. This volcanic soil, called andisols, is the culmination of accumulated volcanic ash. Andisols bonds with organic materials ideal for nourishing vegetation, especially the nutrient-hungry coffee plant.

Another ideal coffee plant condition found on the Hawaiian Islands is the right elevation. An elevation of between 500 and 3000 feet makes for ideal conditions. Again thanks to the volcanic activity which gave rise to the entire archipelago, the hilly terrain throughout the islands is consistently within this height range.

The moderate slope of the hilly terrain also makes for ideal drainage conditions. Coffee tree roots need just enough water to absorb the moisture without being saturated. When this quickly drains away from the roots, it makes for optimal nourishment. This obviously also means ideal weather conditions.

The mix of sunshine, cloud cover and rain make for the perfect conditions for the fickle coffee plant. Hawaiian coffee is superb thanks to the ideal growing conditions and climate on the Islands. Not only can this exceptional coffee give you a great morning energy boost, it also has numerous health benefits. Coffee is loaded with cancer-fighting antioxidants and can help you burn fat, slashing cancer risk 40% and able to boost your metabolic rate 3-11%.

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