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5 ways to make 2016-17 the best school year ever

Back to school already?  It seems like school finals were just wrapped up, summer vacation plans in the works and the long hot summer days were just coming in.  Here we are with school starting on Monday in Hawaii and it always feels like the summer breaks get shorter and the school year starts earlier and earlier.

Why not take advantage of this year and say to yourself, "this will be the best school year ever!"  We often start the school year with anxiety, not only for the kids, but also as parents.  Did I choose the right school for my child?  Did we forget any school supplies? The list goes on and on.  From the child's point of view, do my new shoes look cool? How many friends will I lose because of the cheesy lunchbox mom bought me and is making me take to school? This list goes on even longer than the parent one.

Get above the clouds like you did on the road to Haleakala and stay ahead of the game.


Here are 5 ways to make this school year the best year ever!

  1. Declare it will be the best year ever!  Write it down and put it where you will see it on the frig or next to your night stand.  Then say it daily.  Words are more powerful than most people think.
  2. Expect this year will be the best.  If you declare it then just hope for the best then your hope will begin to diminish as one bad day turns into two days and so on.  Continue to expect great things and your hope will continue to remain strong to the end.
  3. Create organization and structure. This is key, not only for the parents but also for the children.  Good routines can create better boundaries, help identify things that are out of the ordinary, and can generate a sense of calmness in the midst of storms.
  4. Establish a relationship with your son or daughter.  I'm not talking about being with your children while, you make them their lunch, eat breakfast, rush them off to school, pick them up, go to soccer practice, eat dinner, take a shower, do homework and go to bed.  I'm talking about removing the electronics, all distractions and spending at least one quality activity with them that is their favorite thing to do.  You'll be their favorite hero and when a tough time comes around they'll go to you to have that tough conversation instead of keeping it dwelling inside of them.
  5. Carve out time together as a family. Time is precious and schedules fill up fast.  If time isn't scheduled for a family get-together from time to time then it won't happen and distance will soon creep in.  

Our team at Mr. Pineapple prays you and your family have a blessed school year and may it be the best year ever!


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