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Halloween Maui Style: How to Carve a Pineapple

Tired of carving pumpkins year after year? Want to try something new? Halloween is coming up soon, do it Maui style and carve a pineapple! It’s easier, cheaper, and tastier than carving a pumpkin. We created a simple guide to help you mix it up this Halloween.



Required – pineapple, large knife, small serrated knife, large metal spoon, cutting board

Optional – pineapple slicer, pumpkin carving or sculpting tools for details


Step 1: Cut off the top of a pineapple with large knife.


Step 2: Hollow out your pineapple. There are two basic options here. You can either use a small serrated knife and a large metal spoon (left image) or a pineapple slicer (right image) to carve out the inside of the pineapple.

With the knife you will need to slice down each layer and then carefully scoop them out with the spoon. If you use a pineapple slicer all you have to do is push it in and twist the handle until it has reached the bottom. It is much easier and you get a nice pre-sliced core when you are done. If you need a pineapple slicer you can checkout ours here.



Step 3: Plan your design. You can either draw on the pineapple using a stencil, or free hand it! Use your small serrated knife, pumpkin carving tools, or sculpting tools. I like the sculpting tools because they are great for small detail work. If you really want to get fancy, you can even use a Dremel tool.


Step 4: Put a candle inside your pineapple and put the top back on. Put it out on display for Halloween and you are sure to be the hit of your neighborhood! Use the inside of the pineapple to serve at your Halloween party. It makes great pineapple salsa if you scooped it out with a spoon, or serve as is if you used the pineapple slicer!


The best part about carving a pineapple is eating the inside so make sure to get one you know you will enjoy. We take pride in offering some of the finest pineapples available in not only Maui, but we now ship all over the world. Any time you purchase a Maui Gold Pineapple from us, you can expect to enjoy a succulent piece of fruit that is not only extra sweet, but full of antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients. Take a look at our selection here and make sure to order in time to enjoy yours on Halloween. 


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