Maui Craze for Rare Mysterious Fruit – Mr. Pineapple

Maui Craze for Rare Mysterious Fruit

White Pineapple

Maui has a secret that we are going to share with you.  The locals don't even about a rare mysterious fruit that is flown in just for Mr. Pineapple.  

Hawaii produces the best fruit in the world due to its volcanic soil and tropical climate.  During the summer time, we begin to see some of the rarest fruit become available.   There are several names for this fruit often called Big Island White, White Pineapple or Sugarloaf Pineapple.  

Where is the White Pineapple grown?  You will not find it with any large corporation and it's very difficult to find at any store in Hawaii.  Small farmers that grow a variety of crops from mangos to coffee grow the White Pineapple mainly on the islands of Kauai and Hawaii (Big Island).

The White Pineapple is special for several key reasons.

  • The season for White Pineapple is about 4-6 weeks during the summer months.
  • White Pineapple is one of the few fruits that is all organic.
  • The size can be two or three times the size of a Maui Gold Pineapple and still maintain low acid levels and a high sugar content.  One White Pineapple can weigh as much as 10 lbs.
  • Pineapple is typically hard with a thick shell protecting the fruit inside, however the White Pineapple is a much softer fruit.


The White Pineapple taste is like no other fruit.  The smooth texture is like cantaloupe smooth.  You bite into the pineapple expecting the sweet strong pineapple taste or even pina colada flavor but you're caught off guard with hardly any pineapple after taste.  As you're chewing the pineapple, it begins to melt in your mouth.  The soft and extremely juicy fruit slides down the back of your throat only to bring your taste buds alive with slight tastes of coconut and peaches.  You might even be disappointed on your first bite simply because you were looking for that pineapple taste.  Take another bite and you'll notice that your taste buds are now adjusting to the taste and feel of the White Pineapple.  There is no kick or tart with the White Pineapple due to the low acid levels making it easy to divulge into more pineapple.  Before you know it, you're scraping the sides of the pineapple and digging into the bottom to get as much fruit out as possible.  

Try this amazing fruit and tell us what your experience is when you eat it.  Everyone has a different experience.  Feel free to share how it tastes to you.


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