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The Official End of Summer Holiday!

James Iniba

This coming weekend is Labor Day weekend, it’s the last time that you will be able to spend time with your children and grandchildren before the actual year comes around. It is still the beginning of the school year and homework assignments have not caught up to the students just yet. Get out of the house this weekend and go enjoy some quality time with the whole family. Here are some great, and maybe a little outrageous, things to do this weekend.

Camping! This is a great way to be a lot more personal and to create a team bonding experience with family and friends alike. It causes you to think outside of the box and requires a lot of teamwork. In nearly every camping experience you will need to put up a tent and build a campfire. These two things alone require teamwork. To put up a tent, the kids need to be working on small jobs such as putting the tent poles together. A great place to camp while in Maui is Haleakala. Haleakala has several campgrounds which include Hosmers Grove, the Hōlua Campsite, and the Palikū Campsite. Each of these campgrounds are either close to or on hiking trails for you to wake up to a beautiful sunrise and begin your day by hiking.

Have a barbeque day down by a lake or beach! Run over to the store, get some chicken, steak, and onions to throw on the grill and have a relaxing day with your loved ones. It is quite hard finding a more relaxing day than one like this: having some good (ono) food on the grill while your loved ones are playing in and enjoying the refreshing waters. Once the food is ready and prepped they come running to you to enjoy the delicious meal that you have just made for them. If you feel like going the extra mile, you can build an imu pit to roast a pig in, just like the Hawaiians.

Watch the final week of preseason NFL Football! Men this is for you. Sometimes you just need to sit down with your chips and salsa and watch your favorite team clash it out. You are ready to see Antonio Brown outrun the his opponents with raw speed, and you are ready to see J.J Watt tackling and sacking the quarterbacks. Football has been absent from your life for the past 7 months and you are in dire need of some good, hard-hitting, high-flying action. You do not necessarily have to be on the couch to enjoy the games, you can get a little creative with how you relax and watch the games. For the games in the evening, pitch up a hammock in your backyard and have your projector project the game right against your house, then text your friends to come over with a sleeping bag.

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