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Ukulele to the Hawaiian Islands

James Iniba

The 11th Annual Maui Ukulele Festival is this Sunday, October 2, 2016. Ever since the festival first started in 2006, we have had amazing ukulele players (Jake Shimabukuro, Kelly Boy Delima and Richard Hoʻopiʻi) come to perform at the festival. This year the festival will feature artists to include Kamakakehau Fernandez, Willie K, and much more. The gates will open at 12:30pm and the festival will be held from 1-6pm. The best news of all is the event is absolutely FREE!

The ukulele is a very unique instrument. Most Hawaiʻi residents know how to play at least one song on the ukulele regardless of their musical talent. It is a staple to the islands. If you talk to a local, they will most likely be able to tell you about the jam sessions that they have had with their uncles and cousins. Here on the islands we like to celebrate 1st birthdays and high school graduations; at many of these parties you will find family and friends of the new graduate or the birthday boy/girl performing in song and dances for them.

Here are a few fun facts about the ukulele:

  • The ukulele was actually invented by the Hawaiians, the Portuguese immigrants introduced it to the Hawaiians.
  • Ukulele means jumping flea; the origin of the name came from the Hawaiian words uku (which means flea) and lele (which means jumping). The Hawaiians were describing how Joao Fernandesʻ fingers looked while playing the instrument.
  • The Portuguese name for ukulele is “braguinha.”
  • The invention of the ukulele dates back to 1879.
  • The proper pronunciation for ukulele is ooh-koo-leh-leh.

For more information visit Ukulele Festival Hawaii.

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