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Nalu Koa - Kool Ocean Gel

Nalu Koa - Kool Ocean Gel - Mr. Pineapple
We all know that the Hawaiian sun can sometimes get the best of us. Now, with this new product, we don't need to regret the sunburn caused by that amazing snorkel cruise, that relaxing sun bath, or even that beautiful long walk on the beach. This sunburn relief gel uses an organic aloe base, cucumber, and blue-green sea algae, known from the Big Island as Spirulina. Magically, helps dissipate sun burn almost immediately! We recommend that this product be kept cool or refrigerated for quicker results. Why have the pain of sunburn when you can get yourself this amazing product! Don't wait another moment! Mr. Pineapple and Nalu Koa are here to help with all your sunburn relief!